Sticky Mobile
These are chat bubbles, right? They look awesome don't they?
They also expand to a certain point, just like the ones that Mobile Chat apps have!
Awesome! Can I change the chat bubble color with any background from Sticky?
Yeap! Any color or gradient you want.
Sweet! Chat images too?

Yesterday, 1:45 AM

Images can be used here as well, very easy! Just add an image tag!
WOW! Videos?!
Can I Embed videos or wait, actually, can I add maps?
Yep! Just embed your stuff here. It's super simple. You just copy the embed code in this place.

25 Minutes Ago

Is this an actual full chat system? Can I chat with messages out of the box?
It's just a chat template, but it's ready and able to be coded into a full chat system. Great huh?
Delivered & Read - 07:18 PM