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Sticky Action Pack

You asked, we always listen!

To give you the best experience possible we split the Action Pack in categories relevant to each Sticky Pack. In each list you'll be able to preview them both as Action Sheets and Action Modals. Sticky includes over 100 Action Sheet and Modal variations, and creating your own is super simple.

What are Actions?

Explained for everyone.

A simple box that can fly up from the bottom of the page, or show in the center, or come down from the top. You can even use them as sidebars.

Are Action Sheets and Modals easy to use?

Yes! Anyone can use and create these elements. You only need HTML to create an Action Sheet or Modal.

Can I use from other directions?

Yes! You create modals, sidebars, bottom sheets or top sheets as well, all with smooth effects!

Can I use them Programmatically?

Yes. of course! With just one line of code, you can programmatically call any Action Sheet or Modal you want.